Yikes: Windows 10 Sees Uptick as Windows 11 Share Decreases | Technology

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Millions of people have resisted upgrading to Windows 11 for one reason or another, opting to stick with Windows 10 instead. Despite being around for almost a decade, the older operating system has more users now than last month.

In April 2024, Windows 10 reached 70% market share for the first time since September 2023, according to Neowin. Windows 11 was at 25.65% last month, which is up from around 23% in September, but represents a slow slide since February when it sat at 28.16%, per StatCounter.

It’s a worrying trend for Microsoft, especially since support for Windows 10 ends in October 2025. The tech giant will only continue to support the OS after 2025 if you pay.

Compatibility issues may be holding some people back from upgrading. There are workarounds, but Microsoft can’t guarantee they won’t mess up your PC. Microsoft has made some strides, there including removing a compatibility hold that kept some PCs from upgrading for years.

As we note in our review, meanwhile, the OS’s “radically modernized, more consistent design…belies what is really more of an evolutionary update.” Plus, some newer features like Copilot AI are coming to Windows 10, too.

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