You can actually use your old Magic Keyboard with the M4 iPad Pro | Technology

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With the launch of the M4 iPad Pro, Apple also introduced a new version of the Magic Keyboard with improvements such as a row of function keys and an aluminum finish. However, because of the iPad’s new design, Apple says that the old Magic Keyboard doesn’t work with the M4 iPad Pro – although users have already figured out that there’s an unconventional way to use it.

Using an old Magic Keyboard with the new iPad Pro

As noted by Jane Manchun Wong, the old Magic Keyboard actually works with the new iPad Pro if you align the connectors correctly. However, because Apple has changed the alignment of the magnets on both the iPad and Magic Keyboard, this combination won’t look any good.

Interestingly, Wong says that even the reverse combination (the new Magic Keyboard with the old iPad Pro) works. Of course, you should probably buy a new Magic Keyboard to use with your new iPad, but it’s interesting to see that Apple hasn’t disabled support for the old keyboard through software.

It’s worth noting that Apple Pencil Pro also doesn’t work with old iPads (and vice versa) because of the change in magnets. Earlier today, MKBHD shared a video


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