You have to try this new Microsoft Designer messaging feature | Windows

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Designer now includes a sticker creator that lets you make stickers with the power of AI.
  • The stickers can then be used in social media posts, messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram, or presentations.
  • You can create stickers in Microsoft Designer by entering a text prompt and choosing between one of several images created by the tool.

Microsoft just rolled out a feature that can add some personality to your text messages and group chats. Microsoft Designer now includes a sticker creator that uses the power of AI to generate stickers. Microsoft SwiftKey already includes a similar feature, but you can now use AI to create stickers regardless of the keyboard you use.

To use Sticker Creator in Microsoft Designer, you just need to go to in your browser. The tool has an interface similar to Copilot, which makes sense given both AI products are made by Microsoft. Sticker Creator uses DALL-E to generate images that you can then save to your device or send to your phone.

The ability to send a sticker to your…


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