PetroChina joins CATL and SAIC to offer EV battery swap services

When you see four of the biggest Chinese companies joining forces to do a business together, you know it’s a serious idea. When two of them are the two biggest…

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Huawei and Seres will work with CATL on new M3P battery

At the moment, the two most popular battery chemistries are the LFP and ternary batteries. The LFP ones use lithium, iron and phosphate and have a longer life, are safer…

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XPeng switches on first S4 supercharging stations and updates G9 lineup and prices

XPeng confirmed on Weibo that the first S4 supercharger stations are up and running across the first 5 cities in China. The lucky locations are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and…

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Moondrop Aria vs Snow Edition comparison

The Moondrop Aria is probably the most popular pair of IEMs on sale today. Known for its exceptional tuning and affordable price, this pair has essentially ruled every audiophile recommendation…

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Apple iPhone 14 in for review

In a world without an iPhone mini, the vanilla version is the new cheapest model from the core series. Meet the iPhone 14 – the smallest and lightest iPhone in…

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra certified by 3C with 25W charger

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series is slated to arrive early next year and one of the lineup models has just passed through 3C certification in China. The corresponding model number SM-S9180…

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Saturday’s SpaceX launch sent more Starlink satellites to orbit

Space is important to us and that’s why we’re working to bring you top coverage of the industry and Florida launches. Journalism like this takes time and resources. Please support it…

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The timeline of DART’s voyage to destruction

Right now, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft is closing in on its target: a 160-metre-wide mini asteroid called Dimorphos, zipping past Earth tethered in its orbit of its…

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Top Stories: iOS 16.0.2 Bug Fixes, Apple Watch Ultra and AirPods Pro 2 Launch, and More

Who’s ready for a breather? A flurry of hardware and software releases following Apple’s “Far Out” event earlier this month is finally on a bit of a pause, with the…

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Bautista dominates, Gerloff grabs podium

From the middle of the second row, Bautista immediately rocketed into a lead he would never relinquish for the duration of the 20-lap contest, eventually beating nearest rival Jonathan Rea…

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